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What’s New in AnatomyOne 2.0


Delivering a Personalized Learning Experience is Even Easier


Save Time with Learning Plan Templates

Get a head start on your custom anatomy curriculum with these four AnatomyOne templates:

– Integrated Clinical Gross Anatomy
– Gross Anatomy by Regions
– Gross Anatomy by Systems
– Gross Anatomy for PT and OT

Help Students Stay Focused with Targeted Reading Assignments

Now your students will see AnatomyOne through the lens of your Learning Plan:

– Students only see module sections that you assign
– Students are notified when they open content outside of your Learning Plan

Guide Students with Personalized Instructions

Add your own perspective to AnatomyOne content:

– Add formatted lecture comments and instructions to your Learning Plan
– Easily customize AnatomyOne image labels and captions on downloaded lecture slides

To learn more about AnatomyOne and these new features please visit our webinars page where you can sign up for a presentation by Dr. David Morton or view one of the previous webinars.



Your One Source for Mastering Anatomy®

New AnatomyOne Study Tools Make Learning Easy and Efficient

– Choose from four AnatomyOne Learning Plans or your instructor’s customized plan
– Search nearly 5,000 anatomy glossary terms for instant answers
– Take in-line study notes, right next to the text, for easy organization and scanning
– Take prebuilt quizzes for every anatomy module, featuring 500 new questions
– Learn how to use AnatomyOne with on-screen Help Tutorials